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European Russia               flag European Russia
Online Log - List of contacts - 50RS104
Location: Moscow; Locator: ; Operator: Dennis
 Total QSO: 10
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1.2014-09-2816:0011 m 1AC001ItalyGiorgioUSB
2.2014-10-0716:0011 m 1DP081ItalyUSB
3.2014-11-0310:3011 m 1SD156USB
4.2014-11-0310:4511 m 26SW037USB
5.2014-11-0311:0011 m 13DF001USB
6.2014-11-0311:3011 m 13JC531USB
7.2014-11-0311:4011 m 108TJ001USB
8.2014-11-0311:4511 m 14VD22USB
9.2014-11-0313:4511 m 19ON124NetherlandsUSB
10.2014-11-0314:0011 m 19LR001NetherlandsUSB
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