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Online Log - List of contacts - 13RF298
Location: Stadtilm; Locator: JO50MS; Operator: Martin
 Total QSO: 15
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1.2015-03-0511:5111 m 13MC196NEAR DORTMUNDMARTINROS
2.2015-04-2416:2211 m 30ERC001ALICANRADIO T LUBROS
3.2015-04-2416:2211 m 30ERC001ALICANRADIO t LUBROS
4.2015-04-2416:2811 m 30ERC001ROS
5.2015-04-2416:2811 m 30ERC001ROS
6.2015-04-2416:2911 m 30ERC001ROS
7.2015-04-2416:3211 m 13MC196ROS
8.2015-04-2416:3211 m 13MC196ROS
9.2015-04-2416:3311 m 30ERC001ROS
10.2015-04-2417:0711 m 30ERC001ROS
11.2015-04-2417:3511 m 13MC196ROS
12.2015-04-2517:2511 m 31CB212Sealand IslandJohnROS
13.2015-04-2517:2611 m 31CB212Sealand IslandJohnROS
14.2015-04-2520:3311 m 10AD707MarioROS
15.2015-04-2520:5811 m 34AT014ROS
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