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The last 15 contacts

239 flag 109CB4002021-02-2118:02:3011 m 109HA1728/PHUNGARYGERIUSB
239 flag 109CB4002021-02-2115:46:5211 m 109HA1725/PHUNGARYROBIUSB
239 flag 109CB4002021-02-2111:36:1611 m 109HA592/PHUNGARYJÁNOSUSB
203 flag 30CAT012021-02-2019:05:0011 m 30JB27TORELLÓJOSEPROS
239 flag 109CB4002021-02-2017:14:0611 m 330CB001/PSZLOVÁKIACSABAUSB
239 flag 109CB4002021-02-2013:25:4411 m 330SK627SZLOVÁKIATAMÁSUSB
239 flag 109CB4002021-02-2013:12:4011 m 109HA987HUNGARYRICSIUSB
239 flag 109CB4002021-02-2013:12:1211 m 109HA592/PHUNGARYJÁNOSUSB
281 flag 30AT2522021-02-1611:29:0011 m 91AT011IndonesiaFranky 5/5USB
281 flag 30AT2522021-02-1611:04:0011 m 161DKC129PolandKarol 5/9USB
281 flag 30AT2522021-02-1610:46:0011 m 50KCB/INDEuropean RussiaIgori 5/5 USB
281 flag 30AT2522021-02-1316:11:0011 m 3SD256BrazilCastilho 5USB
281 flag 30AT2522021-02-0715:11:0011 m 30CV/GASpain30CV155 CaUSB
227 flag 14PAT0642021-02-0709:20:0011 m 161SP/ INDC PERSOPOLOGNEALSOUSB
227 flag 14PAT0642021-02-0709:15:0011 m 43HS3585AUSTRALIEUSB

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