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This online database, called CBLogBook, can be used free of charge by any CB radio worldwide.

The last 15 contacts

227 flag 14PAT0642020-12-0208:53:0011 m 1AT223ITALYGUIDOUSB
227 flag 14PAT0642020-12-0115:20:0011 m 108AT/SCSCOTLANDGARRYUSB
245 flag 29ICB0572020-12-0111:00:0011 m ISA096ITALYFRANKUSB
227 flag 14PAT0642020-12-0107:55:0011 m 91AT/SC-AINDONÉSIE?USB
281 flag 30AT2522020-11-3016:30:0011 m 195KPI/DXGrenada Isl.Leslie 5/7LSB
245 flag 29ICB0572020-11-3014:00:0011 m KP203FLORIDAPETEUSB
227 flag 14FDX4632020-11-2916:00:0011 m 3RC008BRESIL SAO PAULOAlexUSB
239 flag 109CB4002020-11-2912:48:4511 m 109CB900/PHUNGARYJÓZSIUSB
239 flag 109CB4002020-11-2911:42:3511 m 31PAT323PORTUGALHUGOUSB
227 flag 14PAT0642020-11-2909:15:0011 m 14LNDX100BELLE ILE ISLANDUSB
239 flag 109CB4002020-11-2908:16:1111 m 50KCB778RUSSIAANTONUSB
239 flag 109CB4002020-11-2907:43:2711 m 172SD031NEW CALEDONIAPATRICEUSB
239 flag 109CB4002020-11-2817:59:4511 m 109CB900HUNGARYJÓZSIUSB
239 flag 109CB4002020-11-2817:59:2211 m 109CB099HUNGARYPETYAUSB
239 flag 109CB4002020-11-2817:23:5211 m 109HA1207HUNGARYATTILAUSB

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