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This online database, called CBLogBook, can be used free of charge by any CB radio worldwide.

The last 15 contacts

281 flag 30AT2522020-10-2216:33:0011 m 26AT030EnglandMike 5/9USB
281 flag 30AT2522020-10-2216:24:0011 m 68RB222N. IrelandJoe 5/9USB
281 flag 30AT2522020-10-2216:20:0011 m 163JR252WalesTommy 5/9USB
281 flag 30AT2522020-10-2216:12:0011 m 29WT200IrelandNick 5/9USB
281 flag 30AT2522020-10-2216:10:0011 m 29IP028IrelandBrian 5/9USB
281 flag 30AT2522020-10-2216:08:0011 m 108AT277ScotlandKevin 5/9USB
281 flag 30AT2522020-10-2216:02:0011 m 14FDX070FranceCedric 5/9USB
281 flag 30AT2522020-10-2215:58:0011 m 14ALC003FranceJulien 5/5USB
281 flag 30AT2522020-10-2215:54:0011 m 14KM7906FranceFabien 5/7USB
281 flag 30AT2522020-10-2014:39:0011 m 14AT206/MFranceFabrice 5/USB
281 flag 30AT2522020-10-1315:11:0011 m 108IR306ScotlandAlan 5/7USB
281 flag 30AT2522020-10-1015:54:0011 m 15AT157SwitzerlandAlex 4/5USB
302 flag 300RCU/DX2020-10-0616:47:0211 m 14FDX88/MFREDSSB
302 flag 300RCU/DX2020-10-0616:46:3911 m 163AT323TONYSSB
302 flag 300RCU/DX2020-10-0616:45:2911 m 14AT057SSB

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